Saturday, March 19, 2011

Innis and Gunn - Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer

 Origin  Scotland - Edinburgh
Imbibed  Stockholm, Sweden
 Vendor  Systembolaget
  Oomph  Rugged (7.4%)
Mystery  No idea what to expect, but I'm a fan of rum.
Opinion  * * * * * [based on creativity of flavor]
          * * * * - [reviewed against all beers]
Comment  Initial reaction: double-eyebrow raise, paired with a "Holy sh—!" and giggling. Damned if it doesn't taste like rum beer. (Can't blame me for assuming that it would taste like any old beer just stuck in a barrel for show.) It smells faintly like oak, but then you take a sip and the only thing going through your brain is "RUM" in Times Square signage. Not gonna lie: This would be delish with some snickerdoodles or Samoas or food with a warm, spiced flavor. Or as a chaser for some nice sippin' rum. I'd be cool with that, too. Fantastic.

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