Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kopparbergs Brewery - X-Strong Premium Cider - Pear

 Origin  Sweden
Imbibed  Stockholm, Sweden
 Vendor  Systembolaget - Stockholm, Sweden
  Oomph  Sweet Jeebus (7.0%)
Mystery  None; have had this on a few occasions, both in bottles and cans.
Opinion  * * * * *
Comment  Forget that overly sweet swill they pass off as cider in the U.S.  When the East Pond says "cider," they mean "tasty beverage with complex flavors."  This one delivers on that.  It's perfectly carbonated:  no burn, with just enough fizz to draw out a slightly tart pear flavor at the finish.  (Think sparkling pear wine.)  And let's not tapdance around it:  If you're going to drink something that could even possibly be construed as a fruity girly drink, you best be sipping on one with a "Danger: May put hair on your chest" percentage.

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